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If you are a Recording Artist, Songwriter, or Lyricist needing either music production, songwriter demo services, song demos, music demos, demo recording, recording studio services, or music for your lyrics then you've come to the right place.

We deliver radio ready master quality music production on music demos, song demos, CD recording projects and music for lyrics that can compete with anything in the music industry on radio, television, and film.
With todays competive music market you need a recording that doesn't sound like just a demo. Even though we may refer to it with terms such as songwriter demos, song demo, demo recording, music demo, demo service, record demo, etc. Our music productions and songwriter demo services are far from just a music demo.

First of all, they are produced by top10 hit songwriter music producer Funkee Boy. So every recording, music demo, song demo, songwriter demo, demo recording, music production that comes out of our recording studio is always way more than just a song demo or music demo right from the start. Funkee Boy doesn't settle for anything less than a master quality radio ready recording.

As a songwriter or lyricist you need a music demo and song demo that gets results! A songwriter demo recording that reflects not only how good the song is but also shows how amazing it can sound. Our music production on songwriter demos, music demos, song demos, are second to none! Songwriters that have used our services for their music demos have successfully placed their songs with recording artists on major labels, as well as, independent releases.

If your music demo doesn't sound radio ready then your chances of ever having it signed by a record label, recording artist or a music publisher and licensed for usage in television and film earning you royalties will be rare.

This is why we stress that our song demo services and music productions are radio ready and will compete with anything on the radio or in television and film. Again, this is your best chance to earn royalties with your music demo and song demo recordings..

We are proud of our successful track record on our music productions and songwriter demo services. Take a look at our credits and how we helped other songwriters and lyricists all over the world get results with their music demo recording projects..

Now, how about if you are the Recording Artists? Well, in that case your recording really needs to reflect everything that you entail as an individual as well as a recording artist

Again, it might be referred to as a music demo or song demo but actually it isn't. For Recording Artists we handle everything from single song music productions to full CD recording projects. Our music and demo services involve everything from producing your music, hiring musicians, background vocalists, arranging, mixing, and mastering. We also write and co-write songs if needed for your music project. Once again, "master quality", "radio ready" music demo productions that will elevate your career, get you airplay, and earn royalties.

If you are ready to get results and actually earn money from your song & music demos than we can help. We offer complete songwriter demo and music demo services and we work with recording artists signed to major labels, as well, independent artists. We also work with professional songwriters, as well as, beginning songwriters and everyone in between.

Full Service Demo Recording and Music Production to handle every part of your project

Simply listen and you'll hear the results. We have a proven track record with success stories involving songwriters, lyricists, musicians, and recording artists from all over the world.

Bobbi "Funkee Boy" Tammaro is a hit songwriter and music producer with Top-10 International Chart Credits, #1 songs across the Internet, & many Television & Film placements. Funkee Boy is also a smooth jazz recording artist that has charted top 5 with his single "Body Music". His CD "Rise" has charted among the top 25 most played on Smooth Jazz and R&B radio stations in the nation. Plus, he has shared the stage and performed in concerts with artists such as BabyFace, Kenny G, Erika Badu, Wil Downing, Robert Harris, Spyro Gyra, etc.

Isn't this the type of Music Producer and professional that you would want to handle your demo recording project? If this wasn't reason enough, Funkee Boy is also a leading educator helping songwriters of all levels by teaching songwriting and music production workshops all over the world and has recently published a top selling DVD & audio book CD entitled "Songwriting That Gets Results".

Songwriters, lyricists, musicians, and recording artists all over the world get results from our demo recording services, music productions, and song demos. Shouldn't you?

In addition to offering full music production services around your lyrics and melody, we also have an affiliate website that allows you to write words to our already completed instrumental music tracks. This is a great approach to a music demo or song demo that allows songwriters and lyricists that are creative and good at writing lyrics to music really benefit. For more information on writing lyrics to music visit our website

Funkee Boy Music is a total entertainment company that writes, produces, records music, and delivers master quality radio ready recordings. We enjoying working hand in hand with songwriters, lyricists, and recording artists.

All recording studio time is included in your song demo and music production!

We then work closely with Music Publishers, Music Supervisors, Recording Artists and Record Labels to help pitch & secure placements for the songs. Your music will be featured on our website which assists Publishers, Music Supervisors, Film Makers, A&R reps, managers, and anyone else looking to license music for television, film, advertising, or recording artists projects.

Our incredible track record & established industry relationships with Music Publishers, Television/Film Music Supervisors, Managers, Recording Artists, Music Producers, and Record Labels speaks for itself.

80% of our recording projects for songwriters, recording artists, song demos, music demos, music production, record demo, demo recordings get signed!


We even offer a lyric critique service to help. So contact us today, we would love to work with you on your song demo, record demo, music demo, music production, or recording project today!!


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Funkee Boy's credits keep adding up as he received the prestigious SESAC Smooth Jazz Award for his CD "PHILOSOULPHY". This CD has also achieved the #1 selling CD worldwide in smooth jazz, soul jazz, and the entire Jazz genre!

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